Where can you get white label cryptocurrency exchange software?

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      mia perlamia perla

      With the increasing demand and popularity for white label exchanges, a shedload of companies have started offering them. If you’re confused about which one to choose, I would suggest you to go with Infinite Block Tech. This is because they are one of the early birds to start cryptocurrency and blockchain development services, and their seasoned, highly qualified experts will offer the most reliable solutions for any type of exchange that you want to build. Their white label cryptocurrency exchange software includes top-notch features such as,

      Multi-currency and language support
      Automated KYC/AML verification
      Integrated API for connecting to external exchanges
      Multi-currency wallet with multi-signatures
      Admin backend panel
      Powerful Matching Engine
      High TPS
      Increased Liquidity
      Payment gateway integration
      Firewall/Firebase implementation
      Advanced blockchain and smart contracts
      Integrated referral program
      Mobile applications support
      To achieve a secure, steady white label crypto exchange solution with the above-mentioned features at cost-friendly prices, reach out to their team of experts.

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      Demian WalterDemian Walter

      I agree that blockchain technology has high popularity and continues to gain it with unimaginable speed. Among the many crypto exchange sites, I give my preference to inanomo. The platform uses a unique data protection technology, which is extremely important in any service. This is a place for trading and cryptocurrency investments, where you can really earn with crypto.

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      immanuel kantimmanuel kant

      As a cryptocurrency development company in the forefront, Infinite Block Tech offers the most commendable cryptocurrency development services that will attract investors almost instantly. They provide extensive cryptocurrency and altcoin development solutions with the most advanced and secure features that will make you stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition.

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