What is UrbanClap’s business model?

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      kelley Bjohnsonkelley Bjohnson

      Home service apps like UrbanClap make money from not one but different sources. With the right approach, you can monetize a platform in innumerable ways. Being in the app development field for many years, I know the revenue models that entrepreneurs are considering in an Urbanclap clone. Here’s a list of income-generating streams for websites like UrbanClap.

      Commissions from service providers: Service professionals get regular bookings from customers. As a result, the platform bridges the gap between customers and service providers. Hence, the providers give up a fixed percentage of their payment as paid commissions.

      Subscription charges: Apps like Urbanclap, Housejoy, etc., roll out subscription plans for customers with enticing benefits. Customers pay subscription charges to enjoy premium benefits. These charges add to the income tally as well.

      In-app ad charges: Displaying third-party advertisements can be an ideal way to generate consistent income. Platforms levy ad charges from third-party brand owners based on views, clicks, impressions, etc.

      Thus it is clear that an on-demand service app like urbanclap clone generates revenue from a variety of sources, adding to the income of entrepreneurs.

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