What is the workflow of Axie Infinity Clone?


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      NFT-based games have captured the audience’s attention nowadays. On the other hand, developing such games is also considered a viable investment option among investors.

      Though many blockchain-based games are available, entrepreneurs mostly prefer to develop a clone of the Axie Infinity game. The stunning gaming experience it provides is the main reason for the game’s demand.

      Some might need clarification about how the Acie Infinity Clone functions. To clarify their query, here is a list of steps involved in the workflow of the Axie Infinity Clone:

      Step 1 – Players need to register into the profile of the clone platform, and then integrate their crypto wallets.
      Step 2 – They must buy a minimum of 3 axies on the clone platform.
      Step 3 – Players get to engage in battles to win tokens and proceed further in the Axie Infinity-like game.
      Step 4 – The collected tokens can be staked by players for exciting rewards in the future.
      Step 5 – Breeding axies (the game’s main creatures) allows the maintenance of value for the creatures.
      Step 6 – Players also has the privilege to construct homelands for axies on the clone platform.
      Step 7 – It furnishes the players with the power of governance in the clone platform.

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