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      Jahid HasanJahid Hasan

      Propersix is a strong bloockchain technology.Because they are using different frameworks of blockchain technologies
      and blockchain based applications and concepts to create a more secure and efficient exchange,coin and token system.
      It’s one of the best platforms for the prestigious person.

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      Ruslan ValeevRuslan Valeev

      digital art “Lovers and Tricksters” is an experimental application designed by Arbeider, a software development firm based in Baden Baden, Germany. The application simulates another language and has the ability to both use “identity” data and track user preferences.

      “Let’s think about privacy,” continues Heilshuber. “Imagine the government starts to collect large amounts of data on all individuals and government departments start to use those data to decide where to build roads, where to put housing estates, where to build airports, where to build universities. Imagine also that the data can be combined to work out personal features in order to allow easier targeted advertising. By checking your IP address, your phone number, your phone book and your web history, we can create maps for our clients. We can also develop maps, character maps, video maps and animation maps. It is up to us to make this possible and thus satisfy those commercial needs. This means that a corporation and a non-profit could use this application together for effective marketing communication.”

      You can see the application in action (granted with major screen saver enhancements) here and the full article about “Lovers and Tricksters” here.

      Read more from the press release.


      The application sounds like a beautiful concept to me. You could pull your data right off any website you visit, and then use the app to design maps, make videos, draw maps and animations, map people, and anything else you see fit.

      Now, some applications would not work properly; for example, mapping pedestrians with the correct signposts is not an easy task. However, if you were to map every town and county in the United States and Japan, you could pretty much look at the fly-bys of every building and plan everything out based on the tallest buildings and the newest traffic patterns. Or, you could plan a lunar base using the application.

      I could not stop thinking about the applications that would make the most sense and introduce the most advancements in real life applications. The real question is, can an application of this nature be made by a conventional application developer? I believe, given the number of databases involved, and even just the processing power needed to work with the database data, that it is just possible.

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