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      Andrew CharlesAndrew Charles

      Hivelance is a leading Smart Contract Development Company delivering smart contract Services to Startups, Enterprises, and Businesses at affordable price. We are providing Smart Contract Solutions such as Smart Contract creation, Architecture, Audit, Optimization. You can build DEX, Wallet, DeFi, NFT, dApps, and more using strong smart contract. We can create smart contracts in multiple blockchain networks like Ethereum, Polygon, Trom and Solana. Deploy smart contracts for several use cases like Finance, Supply Chain Management, Trading Process, Voting, Insurance, Escrow, and much more. Contact Us for more information about Smart Contract Development.

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      cris evanscris evans

      Crypto Futures Trading Software Development

      Crypto futures trading is the process of speculating the value of an item which also comprehends the cryptocurrencies without having ownership of it. This product offers numerous opportunities and has the potential to apply leverage to improve and protect the user’s portfolio. In the case of crypto futures, traders will take the decision to buy or sell derivative contracts that will specify the value of the offered crypto at a specific future date.

      Hivelance is a leading Crypto Futures trading Development company. We can create your crypto futures trading platform with all powerful and flawless features for betting on the price of cryptocurrencies in the future.

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      Gisella JosephineGisella Josephine

      Smart contract development – What entrepreneurs and beginners need to know?

      What is a Smart contract?

      A Smart contract is nothing but in simple terms, it is a digital agreement made using blockchain technology for immutability and security. Smart contract involves the self-enforcing, self-executing protocols as made by the agreement terms and conditions thus transforming the way of bonding or severe agreements made for several industries such as banking & finance, real estate, Insurance, healthcare, telecom, and supply chain etc. Moreover, the smart contracts are basically written in C# language and then wrapped with a web-based front end. The smart contract has been developed without the involvement of a third party, the terms and conditions of this smart contract can be agreed upon by the two parties alone and the ledger stores data from smart contracts, enhancing security.

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