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      Aero FernandezAero Fernandez

      STO stands for Security Token Offering. It’s a process almost like an ICO, where an investor exchanges money for coins or tokens that represent his investment. Unlike ICOs, nevertheless, STOs go a step notably and disseminate tokens that fall under the status of securities. Those are linked to an underlying asset like shares, bonds, land Investment Trusts, or other funds. Same like Security token is the securable token which is used to improve your funds and capital. Most of the startup people prefer Security Tokens to raise their crowdfunding.

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      Vikas SharmaVikas Sharma

      We will also discuss the potential future of STOs and what experts have to say about it. As security tokens are rising in popularity, more and more potential investors and businesses are searching for information about STOs. This blog aims to help them with correct and updated information.

      Security token offering, or STO, refers to a new kind of fundraising method which has recently emerged in popularity, owing to the failure or drawbacks of the existing fundraising mechanisms.

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