SDG 4 – Quality Education

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      Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

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      Syed A. Nooh Shamsienoohshamsie

      As a college student, I find myself overwhelmed by the multitude of workshops and hackathon events that I’m encouraged to enroll into. It is often difficult to assess whether the event would be productive and helpful. However, after the workshop, we’re often asked to fill out a feedback form but that data is never made public. Blockchain could be a possible solution.
      One organisation that is working on this is Odem.

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      Syed A. Nooh Shamsienoohshamsie

      I agree. Also in the case of preparing/drafting of documentation/books/publications etcetera,


      opinions/feedback are collected centrally scrutinized and subjectively accepted to be included in the final version. It would be interesting to keep a trail of all feedback and blockchain could be useful there too.

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      Harold WesterbergHarold Westerberg

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