Reduce your operating costs by hiring a White Label Currency Exchange

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      Provide an enhanced trading experience by availing superior White label exchange solutions from Blockchain App Factory. Enjoy instant benefits through real-time trade settlement, acceptance of multiple digital and fiat currencies and responsive technical support.

      With a variety of front and back-end solutions, our platform is equipped with multiple blockchain integration for facilitating deposits and withdrawals seamlessly. With a robust order management system in place, dedicated wallet nodes handle all the user’s funds safely.

      We possess a modern user interface that suits the needs of both amateurs and professionals. Top priority is devoted towards security on our platform with measures like two-factor authentication, cold storage facilities, compliance with cryptocurrency security standards, and anti-DDoS.

      Optimization of performance is ensured by providing the freedom to add or remove cryptocurrencies, fixation of fees, and integration of market makers.

      We will understand your business requirements and develop a stellar solution that can withstand all uncertainties smoothly. Reach out to our esteemed developer team and get a feasible White label currency exchange soon.

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