Manage your business efficiently with a Whitelabel Crypto Exchange

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      A Whitelabel Crypto exchange will contain a set of components to begin digital trading.

      The most notable features of the solution are

      • It supports multiple kinds of digital and fiat currencies.
      • Transactions are processed quickly ensuring real-time fund settlement.
      • 24×7 trading facilities are available ensuring the best user experience.
      • Deposits and withdrawals of Cryptocurrencies can be done free of cost by the users. Crypto deposits can be done either through wallet address or scanning the QR code.
      • A full-fledged order management system handles the different buy and sell orders requested by the traders on the platform.
      • A sufficient amount of liquidity is provided through market-making.
      • A robust admin panel to handle all the business operations on a real-time basis.
      • Both hot and cold wallets are available ensuring efficient fund management.
      • The user interface is comfortable for both novice and experienced traders.
      • Security measures taken include end-to-end data encryption, two-factor authentication, SSL implementation, anti-DDoS protection, jail login, and integrated cold storage wallets.

      The process followed in establishing a Whitelabel Crypto exchange

      • Understanding the business requirements of the firm thoroughly.
      • Preparing a scalable timeline for executing the project.
      • Integrating the matching engine into the platform.
      • Adding APIs and third-party services to the user interface.
      • Adding the required trading pairs into the platform.
      • Running the software for a Beta period to test its functioning.
      • Providing regular updates based on the operational feedback post the launch of the solution in the market.
      • Allocate resources for a Whitelabel Crypto exchange now and fulfill all your business objectives successfully soon.

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