Local cryptocurrency exchange scripts serve as a profitable business model

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      Eric FaulknerEric Faulkner

      Local cryptocurrency exchange scripts work on a peer to peer system to enable easy and quick trading of crypto coins and tokens by the users.

      The step by step process involved in Local cryptocurrency exchange scripts

    • A user should create a “Selling Bitcoins” ad on the platform and specify the payment method for the seller to perform the transaction along with the pricing, and other terms and conditions of the crypto.
    • Fund the Local Bitcoin wallet with some cryptocurrencies and open the trade request.
    • When the buyer opens the trade request, the full amount of cryptocurrency is taken from the seller’s wallet to the escrow account.

    • Once the payment has been executed by the buyer successfully and the seller has received the payment, the escrow will release the digital currency automatically to the buyer’s wallet.
    • Invest in Local cryptocurrency exchange scripts now and gain a greater market share in the industry soon.

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