List the best premium features for Tik Tok Clone.

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      With easy and fundamental features like uploading videos and editing them, with 100’s of modern-day filters for both pictures and videos, sharing their video content to other social platforms and the most used feature of all, liking and commenting have already hooked the users to this app

      Mind-boggling features that created a frenzy competition

      Duet option:
      This option enabled users to invite friends for a duet, where the screen is split for the users to dub, talk, or sing!

      Live reactions:
      Users can react to videos, which sets-up a small in-display window over the playing video. They can record the video and share it.

      Live videos:
      Users can choose to go live inside the app for the followers. They can interact via reading the pop-up comments or inviting a friend to join their live. Filters can be added to flair up the fun.

      Live stat display:
      Separate information is displayed with analytics in another window for users to check on the likes and comments and other user essential stats provide an insight into their run in the app

      Though using hashtags is new, using this feature invites a new trend to follow for fun or a movement or a news. Users can also be tagged for an invite with this feature.

      In a nutshell,
      This tik tok clone app development has set positive turbulence in the video-sharing app market. Entrepreneurs with ideas resorting to quicks launch of their app can grab our ready-made on-demand App Like Tik Tok.

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