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      For those business firms not looking to take the long route in creating a trading platform from scratch, a viable option would be to get an all-in-one solution in the form of Crypto exchange software.

      The notable features of a Crypto exchange solution are

      • Accurate order matching is done by the powerful trading engine. It accepts both market and limit orders.
      • Sufficient liquidity is ensured through market-making.
      • Integrated multi-signature wallets are provided to store the tokens and coins safely of the users without any unauthorized access.
      • An integrated referral program is available and rewards are distributed to the current users whenever new users are added to the platform.
      • Multilingual technical support is rendered round the clock.
      • Smooth processing of transactions is ensured through integration with numerous payment service providers.
      • Margin trading facilities are present to increase the earnings of the users by taking both short and long positions on crypto assets.
      • Security measures like multi-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, encrypted Transport layer security (TLS), internal traffic monitoring, firewall implementation, intrusion detection, anti-DDoS protection, and jail login.

      Acquire a readymade Crypto exchange software now and enhance your business prospects. The benefits comprise cutting-edge blockchain technology, adequate scalability, and a high level of flexibility.

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