Is there any free white label solution for Cryptocurrency Exchange?

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      mia perlamia perla

      Free white label solutions for Cryptocurrency exchange are rarely available. This is because white label solutions come with customizations and several other valuable features. It is an alternative for firms that do not wish to develop software from scratch, wasting time and money.

      Factors which makes White label solutions worth the money

      High-level security through KYC and biometric authentication
      Tracking trade algorithms which helps in order management
      The high transaction speed of up to 100,000 transactions per second for an enriched trading experience
      Support for multiple cryptocurrencies enabling flexibility
      24×7 customer support in various languages
      If firms chance upon any platform that offers a free white label solution, it is better that they avoid acquiring it. The presence of bugs in those solutions can lead to a dip in performance, leading to higher risks.

      Businesses hunting for an affordable white label cryptocurrency exchange solution can opt for the services of Infinite Block Tech. Their skilled developers will offer a robust solution, Special features such as SDK, API integration, smart contracts system, and a referral program will also be included. Get in touch with them.

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