How does a White label bitcoin exchange work?

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      mia perlamia perla

      A bitcoin exchange software is an online platform where traders buy and sell bitcoins with the help of different fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

      The aspects behind the operation of a Bitcoin exchange

      Market order or limit order will be inputted for buying and selling Bitcoins

      Choosing the market order option enables traders to get the best available price

      Selecting the limit order option helps traders to price coins below the current ask or above the current bid according to buying or selling motive

      Buyer or seller who sets the limit price is a maker

      A trader who places a market order that is immediately filled is a taker

      Transaction fees depend upon the volume of transactions and type of exchange

      Different payment methods would be available for the transfer of funds

      Currency conversion fees may be charged by exchanges depending upon their location and their in-built liquidity

      Wallets used for storing coins and authorizing payments are also chargeable

      These are the key things to keep in mind to know the functioning of a Bitcoin exchange.

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