How do I develop a P2P crypto exchange platform?

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      mia perlamia perla

      Maximize the advantages in the absence of the involvement of third parties by acquiring a reliable P2P crypto exchange platform for your business operations.

      Some of the features needed for developing a P2P crypto exchange platform are

      A powerful matching engine – It is required to match buyers and sellers quickly with minimum latency. It acts as one of the important cornerstones of a well-functioning trading system.
      Multi-layer security – The users’ data and funds must be safeguarded through measures like two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and SSL implementation. It enhanced the trust of the traders in the platform.
      KYC and AML verification – There is a need to expedite the KYC and AML verification process while following the right protocol to determine the legitimacy of a user. This builds a base of authenticated buyers and sellers for the exchange.
      Other functionalities needed in a P2P crypto exchange include the requirement of atomic swapping, preferred trading, multilingual technical support, robust dispute management, and a smart-contract based escrow system.

      Improve the management of your assets by deploying Infinite Block Tech for creating a world-class P2P crypto exchange and fulfilling your business objectives smoothly.

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