How can one get good Best white label cryptocurrency exchange?

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      mia perlamia perla

      White label exchanges are the current hot way of launching your exchange, quickly, effectively and efficiently. Many companies have started offering white label cryptocurrency exchange software with every required infrastructure and maintenance support to businesses. If you are looking to launch one yourself, and to obtain a good crypto exchange software, here is the list of features the software should posses mandatorily,

      Multiple cryptocurrencies support such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and many more, including major fiat support such as USD, Euro etc.
      Multi-lingual support integration
      Comprehensive legal framework
      Automated KYC/AML verification
      Multi-currency wallet with multi-signatures
      Powerful Matching Engine with order book
      High volume TPS( Transaction Per Second)
      API and SDK integration
      Robust admin panel
      Enhanced Liquidity
      Advanced Blockchain technology and smart contracts
      Enterprise level technology stack
      Advanced, customizable UX/UI
      Payment gateway integration
      Firewall/Firebase integration
      Multiple layer security protocols
      Integrated referral program
      Mobile application support

      A reliable white label exchange software in the current market that comprises all of the above-mentioned features, and more, in the most progressive manner, is the one offered by Infinite Block Tech, a premier name in the market. Reach out to them for a profitable and sustainable exchange software at an affordable price.

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