Grab ultimate Clone scripts of DAO Blockchain Development from Coinjoker

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      Olympus DAO clone script

      The OlympusDAO Clone Script, a Defi Exchange Protocol script that aims to create a decentralized reserve currency-based DAO Platform, is now popular. The OlympusDAO Clone Script, also known as the Olympus Pro Script, was created using a set of source codes that enables other Defi protocols to leverage the bonding mechanism to obtain their liquidity, showcasing the Business to Business orientation of Defi 2.0.

      MakerDAO Clone Script

      MakerDAO Clone Script is an Ethereum-based lending protocol script that permits collateral-backed loans without the use of a middleman and creates the Dai stablecoin. Making MakerDAO, one of the most operational protocols in the crypto industry, the most popular DeFi integration protocol.

      Decentraland Clone script

      The Decentraland Clone Script is a pre-built NFT Marketplace. Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, a clone script is used to build a 3D virtual reality platform where users can alter the environment through gameplay and earn money from it.

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