Blockchan in Food Industry

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      john kitejohn kite

      Introduction of first cryptocurrency bitcoin has changed the industry standard across the globe. Now people have started adopting new methodologies for improving their business productivity via integrating the technology- Blockchain.

      While talking about blockchain in the supply chain, the innovation not only caters to the word ‘quality’, however, but also brings in new derivations of transparency and collaboration in the entire food system. To summarize, blockchain in food industry can be a vast stage with a lot of gains and adaptiveness, especially in terms of traceability, production, supply chain and also the prominent division- finance.

      How blockchain can bring a greater transformation in the field of food production, its supply chain and finally to the end-users?

      One very good example in front of us is how Wal-Mart and IBM introduced a food traceability system using blockchain. Starting from the leafy green food supply chain, Wal-Mart has introduced blockchain in speeding up, identifying and researching on reacting with food safety situations. And they found out that the technology is so aggressive and fast that the research that could take 7-8 days now needed only 2.2 seconds.

      We as Blockchain Consultant used our knowledge and resources to improve the food industry and reduce the food wastage using blockchain Technology

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