Allocate adequate resources to meet the White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Cost

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      Once you have decided to enter the digital trading business, you must be prepared to bear the White label Cryptocurrency exchange cost. The expenses will depend on the features required on the platform, the technology and software tools, the duration to make it, and the skill sets of the team that gets the solution ready.

      A White label solution will offer quick scalability, end-to-end customization, backed by military-grade security measures, and can be launched quickly in the market.

      The common features in a White label Cryptocurrency exchange are

      1. The presence of analytical dashboards to facilitate timely decisions by the investors.
      2. A real-time reporting module that provides details about transactions, trades, user activity, revenue, and profits.
      3. The acceptance of multiple types of orders like a market order, limit order, and stop-limit order.
      4. A dedicated admin panel to manage the collection of commission, adding new trading pairs on the platform, and handling the users’ different requests.
      5. An integrated affiliate program that provides bonuses to the existing users for adding new users to the trading platform.
      6. Security measures like blacklist tracking, end-to-end data encryption, two-factor authentication, cold wallets, anti-DDoS protection, firewall implementation, and server hardening.

      Take efforts to obtain the White label Cryptocurrency exchange cost at a competitive trade to reap rich benefits in the future.

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