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In this digital era, crypto exchange and usages of cryptocurrencies are increasing rapidly. It is one of the best revenue-generating ways, so it grabbed the attention of business people to build their own exchange platform.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform across the world and anyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without any difficulties in this exchange platform. Binance attracts massive users for performing crypto trades and which created big demands to build crypto exchanges like Binance. Therefore many startups and entrepreneurs are willing to create their own crypto exchange like Binance.

Before diving into the crypto exchange business like Binance, you should have good clarity about crypto-exchange software development costs. The crypto exchange development cost is determined by developing ways. There are two possible ways to build a crypto exchange like Binance.

1)Develop from scratch:

In this way you need to build your platform from the beginning with all your methodology and needable queries. This way could take a long time to complete the development of your crypto exchange platform and it consumes more investment cost.

2)Start from Binance clone script:

Building a crypto exchange from a clone script is an instant solution to launch your exchange platform in an efficient way when compared to developing from scratch. Binance clone script is fully designed, developed and tested software with all the necessary features and security attributes. This is a ready-made solution for entrepreneurs to launch their crypto exchange with required customization.

The cost of launching crypto exchanges like Binance from clone script starts with basic features from $8k and it will vary based on the customization and security option that you need to implement on your platform.

I hope now you have got a clear idea of crypto exchange methodologies and development costs.

If you want full details about the cost of developing a crypto exchange platform you can check the article, cost to start a crypto exchange.

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