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What is Peer-to-peer (P2P) Exchange ?

The exchange of assets (cryptocurrencies) or information between parties without an intermediator. P2P is based on a decentralized approach. This approach has been used in trading cryptocurrencies.

The Traditional Cryptocurrency Exchanges serve as intermediaries between their traders (Customers) and make a profit by Trading fees.

Why We need to use P2P Crypto Exchanges

Global Marketplace

Multiple Payment Integration


Global Marketplace :

The advantages of using Peer-to-peer exchange is that it gives you access to a global market of cryptocurrency Traders. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with people across the globe.

Multiple Payment Integration :

When trading on Traditional exchanges, you can not have as multiple payment options as when trading on P2P exchanges.

Security :
It helps in enhancing security. There is no third party involved while trading. Users have complete control over their own cryptocurrency.

What Bitdeal Provides :

Bitdeal is a P2P Crypto exchange development company providing some unique features

Smart Contracts Powered Bitcoin Escrow Script

Decentralized Bitcoin Escrow Script

Bitdeal’s P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Script features :

Master Escrow Wallet

Multi Currency Wallet

Trade Through Ads

Dispute Management

Proximity Match

Private Messaging

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