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Syed A. Nooh Shamsienoohshamsie

Tsukuba first in Japan to deploy online voting system


Sep 2, 2018

TSUKUBA, IBARAKI PREF. – A new online voting system based on the My Number identification system and blockchain technology has been introduced in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Tsukuba, well known as a center for scientific research, is the first in the country to start using such a voting system, according to the city.

The system allows voters to cast ballots via a computer display after placing the My Number card on a card reader. Blockchain technology is used to prevent the voting data from being falsified or read.

Using cutting-edge technology, the voting system has been used for selecting proposals on social contribution projects.

“I had thought it would involve more complicated procedures, but I found that it’s minimal and easy,” Tsukuba Mayor Tatsuo Igarashi said after casting a vote using the system.

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