How much does it cost to develop a dating app like tinder?

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      Stephanie hwynnStephanie hwynn

      The answer to your question on How much does it cost to make a dating app solely relies on the following various parameters.

      App complexity
      Feature-set integration
      App design
      Third-party services integration
      App platform (Android, iOS, or both)
      Technology stack
      Time frame
      Geographical location of the chosen mobile app development company
      Developer’s experience.

      Let me give a brief explanation of some of the factors that determine the cost of developing the Tinder clone app.

      App platform

      Developing a dating app like Tinder for iOS costs less when compared to developing an app for Android. Because, there is a requirement to test the app on many devices before app deployment if you choose the Android platform.

      App complexity/size

      The size of the app increases when the total number of features and functionalities of the app increases.

      Technology stack

      If you prefer to use the latest technology stack to build your app, you have to invest more.

      Geographical location

      The app development cost is less in India in comparison to other countries like Europe and the United States.

      App features

      It will cost the basic price if you want to include only the essential features. You have to invest more if you need to add any advanced or innovative features to your app.
      Some of the core features of the Tinder clone app are listed below for your reference. Do not miss out on these features.

      Signup/social media login
      In-app chat/call
      Likes & dislikes
      Upload pictures

      The cost of developing a Tinder like app is less when you prefer using the Tinder clone script for app development instead of creating an app from scratch.

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