How does a white-label launchpad work?

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      Jennifer AtkinsonJennifer Atkinson

      The crypto business has long proved to be result driven with its projects in blockchain development. To innovate savvy crypto projects, White-label launchpad developments like IDO, IEO, ICO, IFO, ILO, IIO, etc., aid in crowdfunding for the cryptopreneurs. This virtual space acquaints them with potential investors. The framework of the crypto launchpad is as follows,

      A crypto launchpad performs the duty of raising funds, thus catalyzing the project to prove its authenticity.
      Once the project is proven to be credible, the crypto liquidity providers will buy the native tokens and invests them in a project.
      The total funds collected from the platform will be required to meet the regulations, to move further into the development.
      In case the funds are insufficient, the invested funds shall be returned.

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