Are Semi-Fungible Tokens the Future’s Hottest Trend?

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      camilla burnscamilla burns

      Web3 gaming could be revolutionised by semi-fungible tokens, which would benefit both players and developers.

      Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been the most significant development in cryptocurrencies since the start of DeFi. However, we are seeing NFTs change as the market grows.

      With both fungible and non-fungible qualities, Semi-fungible tokens (SFTs) fall in the middle. An example of this would be a token that, for a brief period of time, could be exchanged for a valuable.

      Genopets, a blockchain game with its headquarters in Solana, makes use of the benefits of both NFTs and SFTs. Each player receives a digital pet, which are NFTs, but the items they gather—such as crystals of water, metal, wood, etc.—are SFTs.

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