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Setting up crypto exchange is a huge opportunity that can be capitalized by crypto enthusiasts looking forward to starting a crypto exchange for revenue generation. If you are planning to make your own cryptocurrency exchange whether it is a ground zero or white label crypto exchange software, follow a well-orchestrated approach to create a crypto exchange platform that brings you benefits for your business.

This article will walk you through how to set up your own cryptocurrency exchange.

Step 1: Identify the type of crypto exchange you want to launch
First you need to understand the different types of crypto exchange platforms in the first place. They are

Centralized Exchange: This involves a middleman or a third party for crypto transactions. That’s why it is seen as a trustworthy exchange by traders. If you choose this option to start your own crypto exchange, you can earn through the trading fee. Also it offers high liquidity and is popular among traders.

P2P exchange: In this, the transactions without any third party involvement and connection between the buyers and sellers will be direct. P2P exchange can also be an ideal option to create your own cryptocurrency exchange.

Decentralized exchange: This facilitates transactions without any intermediary. It offers better security than both centralized and P2P exchanges.

Once decided on the type of exchange, find out whether you want to build cryptocurrency exchange from scratch or rather go with white label crypto exchange software.

Step 2: Conduct a thorough market research
Do a rigorous research to identify current crypto market trends and the price of cryptocurrencies in this year. This can make you take a decision on which cryptocurrencies to list your exchange.

Step 3: Identify the location where you plan to launch your crypto exchange software
Take your own time to choose where you want to start a crypto business. It makes you sense in finding out if the country you are considering is receptive to cryptocurrency and has a vibrant ecosystem of crypto traders who can support your business. Choose the crypto-friendly countries.

Step 4: Check out the jurisdictions of the country where you intend to launch your crypto exchange
Some governments may be receptive to cryptocurrencies, others are hostile. Understand the regulations of the country where you plan to launch your crypto exchange, whether it may be a custom exchange or white label crypto exchange.

Step 5: Identify the cost to build a crypto exchange
You need to hire for the best cryptocurrency exchange development company to build and launch your crypto exchange. The cost depends on the technology you choose to build, the features integrated in it, and the type of exchange to build. Hence, identify your needs for an estimated cryptocurrency exchange development cost.

Step 6: Partner with a cryptocurrency exchange development company
The success of your project depends mainly on the development team so rely on a trusted crypto exchange development company. Your chosen company should comprise of
Subject matter experts
Blockchain developers and designers
Blockchain analysts

Step 7: Decide on the features that you want to integrate into your Crypto exchange
Reinforce your crypto exchange with secure, easy and quick trading platform with following features
High liquidity options
Instant KYC/AML verification
Secure crypto wallet integration
Multi-cryptocurrency support
Multi-language support
Market making

Some security features should be integrated into your crypto exchange to achieve multi-layer security.

Step 8: Introduce your crypto exchange to your target audience
You need to promote your crypto exchange to your target audience to gain users.

We offer crypto exchange development services with a mission-driven strategy to build a custom crypto exchange or white label crypto exchange software. We outfit our experience and expertise to lay the foundation of your exchange platform.

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