Reply To: White label cryptocurrency exchange software – why should you prefer it?

olivia popeolivia pope

The white label has such unique characteristics and benefits, so it’s the best choice to start a business in crypto. A few features are below mentioned.

Admin panel

Every exchange software requires an admin panel. The admin panel controls all operational aspects of any crypto trading app.

User Authorization and Verification

It is an important part of the crypto exchange platform to verify customers by filling out forms. Most cryptocurrency exchange platforms work with some security features like anti-bot verification, two-factor authentication, data encryption, and so on.

User interface

Trading platforms should be built with user-friendly, low complexity, and clear. Untaught customers are working on trade, fund withdrawal, fund deposit, etc.,

Crypto wallet

It is a most required feature in crypto exchange platforms. It accepts various types of digital currencies to send, receive and store in the wallet for future use.

Transaction history and order book

Every transaction history is stored about a date, time, trade rate, and other transaction data. The order book is an electronic list of buy and sell orders organized by price level for a specific security or financial instrument.

Support for a variety of cryptocurrencies and fiat:

Every trader expects to accept multiple cryptocurrencies as well as fiat currencies.

Native Tokens

Native tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges can improve trading platforms, manage liquidity, cost-effective trade execution and trading platforms.

Apart from the features mentioned above, there are many more features in a white-label crypto exchange platform.

Some of you know about features, but you have no idea how to choose the right company to build your crypto exchange platform. I hear some of the companies create white-label exchange software, but ADDUS Technologies is creating software with blockchain for high-security purposes. They build software with multi-device compatibility, multi-crypto wallet integration, prominent token support, decentralized trading assistance, and so on.

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