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Crypto exchange is a booming business in the blockchain space. Do you know why? If you’re a budding startup who wants to become a successful entrepreneur in the crypto/blockchain within a short period. Crypto Exchange business is the perfect one for you, speaking of crypto exchange business you can launch your exchange like coinbase is an excellent idea. Because, in covid pandemic situation crypto exchanges yield passive income to exchange owners. Among the exchanges, Coinbase is top of the race. Yes, They generated 1B USD, through their various revenue generating streams. This is the major reason many entrepreneurs are willing to start a crypto exchange like coinbase. But they stumbled on How to start?

How to Launch a Crypto Exchange like Coinbase????

You can launch your crypto exchange like coinbase in one of two ways,

1.From Scratch
2.Launch from Coinbase Clone Script

Developing your own exchange from scratch is a tedious process and requires high capital. But if you choose clone scripts to launch your cryptocurrency Exchange business it does not require high capital.

Launching your own cryptocurrency Exchange with clone script is a wise idea. Because it requires less capital & energy. Within a short period of time you can launch your cryptocurrency Exchange.

Many popular cryptocurrency Exchange platforms are available in the market. But many startups/entrepreneurs are willing to start their own cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase.

You may think, Why Coinbase Exchange?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading and investing platform who offers users the ability to buy, sell, and exchange over 100 tradable cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Coinbase is a large company with over 73 million users and $255 billion in assets on the platform.

1.Easy buy sell & Exchange cryptocurrency
2.Support for a large number of cryptocurrencies
3.Opportunities to earn cryptocurrency
4.Cryptocurrency is insured in event websites are hacked.

Based on the above reasons. Many crypto lovers are eager to start their cryptocurrency Exchange like Coinbase.

start your own cryptocurrency Exchange like coinbase with premium coinbase clone script from a top-notch solutions provider in the crypto industry. If you are new to this, then you have a doubt about

What is a Coinbase clone script ?

Coinbase Clone Script is an encrypted currency exchange website script with a source code and white label that supports all Coinbase features so you can create a leading exchange like Coinbase without spending a lot of time and energy. The most important factor to start a cryptocurrency exchange with high security.

Reasons for startups/Entrepreneurs to choose the Coinbase clone script for starting their cryptocurrency exchange business?

Coinbase clone script is known for its features. Let us have a look at various features of coinbase clone script.

Premium Features of our Coinbase clone script

1.Smart Contract
3.OTC Trading
5.Futures and options trading
6.ERC-20 Ethereum Tokens and TRX Tokens Support
7.Cryptocurrency Taking
8.Bounty Features
9.Atomic Swap.
10.User-friendly CMS/ Admin panel

Security Features Of Coinbase Clone Script
1.Private Key
2.KYC/AML Verification
3.Secure Wallet
4.Two step verification
5.Anti-phishing software
6.Registry lock
7.Content security policy
8.Cross-site request forgery(CSRF) protection

Where Can I get the Coinbase clone script?

Many exchange clone script providers available in the market. But everyone doesn’t provide a secured clone script. Here I suggest the Excellent cryptocurrency solutions provider, i.e CoinsQueens. CoinsQueens offers a 100% bug-free and trusted Coinbase clone script with the finest features and security systems. Get the premium coinbase clone script from CoinsQueens to launch your cryptocurrency Exchange Business Like Coinbase.

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