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Allen MadisonAllen Madison

A social crowdfunding platform for renewable idea-energy is here!

WATTTON’s social crowdfunding platform is conceived with the objective of allowing the users to submit their potential, sustainable, and renewable idea-energies. The community members will then be allowed to vote on the idea-energies. The top three ideas securing the first three positions based on the votes will qualify the crowdfunding phase. In this round, the three idea-energies will be listed for public crowdfunding and the one that bags the highest fund will be incubated by the WATTTON foundation and partnerships with energy production, distribution corporations. The platform will be available in both web and mobile versions to provide a high level of compatibility. So WATTTON aids users not only to submit a valid eco-friendly idea-energy but also commercializes the same by developing it into a viable product. Get ready to post your idea-energies.